8 Tools for Connecting With Your Borrower – Tool #5

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LOAN OFFICERS – how well do you know your borrower? Off the top of your head, can you think of their motivations, needs, and plans? How are you using that information to engage with your borrower and help them meet their goals? Mortgage365 knows that to truly connect with your borrower, you need to know them first. Introducing WhyCloud tags: Mortgage365’s completely customizable labeling system that allows you to track your borrower’s unique attributes and power your marketing engine with a click of a button. WhyCloud tags are connected live to the Mortgage365 worksurface and your LOS, so LOS statuses are mapped to Specific Marketing Events. Select a WhyCloud tag to instantly place your borrower into a marketing campaign, automatically ensuring that the right message is being sent at the right time for each of your borrowers. Take a look at what you might be missing without them—and if you want to learn more, schedule a demo at Mortgage365.com/demo.